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Before Not So Skinny Bitch

Before I became the CEB (Chief Executive Bitch) of Not So Skinny Bitch, I was a publishing bitch. I began my first business in 1984 – a newspaper called The Downtowner. The Downtowner brought together St. Catharines, Ontario residents who felt that it was our responsibility to work together to improve the quality of life in our downtown. 

As the publication grew, I expanded our community of readers by changing The Downtowner to Niagara Life magazine. Like The Downtowner, Niagara Life encouraged residents across Niagara to feel pride in everything that makes this region of Ontario so unique.

A serious need.

Since 2005, when I relinquished the reins of Niagara Life to its new owner, I’ve had time to pursue new interests. With some encouragement from my husband, I decided to take up golf. He felt that it was important for us to find activities we could enjoy together now that we were empty-nesters.

Reluctantly, I agreed. He had joined a private golf club near our home, the epitome of everything I feared. I felt like I would never 'fit in' because I thought the place was probably filled with 'skinny bitch' ex-cheerleaders. 

I was unable to find stylish plus-size women’s golf wear so I resorted to wearing my Jones NY ¾ length sleeve cotton T-shirts with casual pants and capris. When I did find golf shirts that fit, the sleeves were always too short or sleeveless and there was no way I was exposing my upper arms!

I knew that I wasn't alone. Nearly 60% of North American women are size 14 or larger! And, we are a shockingly underserved market!

I knew what I had to do.

While golfing with my husband one day, I was having trouble making a shot when he called out to me, “Just think of that skinny bitch!” I hit the ball and it went flying! And, just like that, I came up with my first idea: an online magazine that would help plus-size women find stylish and flattering golf wear. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything that I felt comfortable wearing or recommending.

Over the next year, my idea evolved. I decided that I had no choice but to design and manufacture a line of golf and athletic apparel for regular to plus-size women. It would be 100% designed, developed and produced in Canada from the finest performance fabrics available and tailored to flatter and shape the female figure. No baggy tent-like clothing - my styles would show off the figure, not make it look worse with shapeless styles.

Committed to helping women feel good about the way they look.

EVERY woman, regardless of her size, deserves fashion that makes her look and feel fabulous. That is what I believe with all my heart and that is what I am committed to provide you with - fashion that looks as good as what's available to your skinnier counterparts so that you can 'get out there and play' and look and feel fabulous when you do.

I believe it is also important for Not So Skinny Bitch to stand for something more than women’s athletic apparel. Too many young people suffer because of issues related to body image and eating disorders. So, when I thought of how we could reach out to help those young people, I thought immediately of Kids Help Phone. 

Committed to helping kids.

Not So Skinny Bitch has designated Kids Help Phone as our official charity and we are committed to do what we can to raise funds and awareness of the support they provide to thousands of Canadian children.

To start, we are donating $5 from the sale of each La Pera 'Squeeze Me' skort - we look forward to more involvement as our company grows.

It is my hope that we can work to change society’s distorted perception of beauty and dispel the myth that you have to be thin to be beautiful, healthy and fit.

Anita Skinner


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  • "Love the name you chose! I am a size 14-16 and 59 years old. I, too, find it difficult to find golf and tennis wear! Skirts are always too short (I am 5'8") and sleeves are too short and usually tight. Looking forward to trying on your clothes. I am going to approach our golf shop regarding your line. Wishing you great success!"
    - Moira G, Rattlesnake Point Golf Club, Milton, ON

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