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A little care goes a long way!

One of the ladies at our golf club was surprised to hear that you shouldn’t use fabric softener when laundering golf apparel made from the new high-tech performance fabrics. 

Fact is, when you do it coats the fabric and obstructs the wicking properties that make it special, and it becomes plain old polyester. So, NEVER USE FABRIC SOFTENER OR DRYER SHEETS!

You’ll find the care instructions on the back of the label inside your La Pera garment. It says “Machine wash cold / like colours. Do not use softeners. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. Do not bleach.” 

I would also recommend that you turn your garment inside out before washing and do not wash it with anything that has zippers or anything sharp or abrasive.

I wash my garments in cold water on the handwash or gentle cycle. I’ve washed my first shirt at least 30 times and it still looks as good as the first time I wore it. 

Even though it says you can, I don’t put my athletic apparel in the dryer. Instead, I hang them to dry. They dry quickly and are ready to throw on when you’re ready to go out to hit a few balls, go for a bike ride or for a run. And, they are perfect for travel because they weigh next to nothing and don't wrinkle.

You'll find that just a little care will go a long way to extend the life of your La Pera athletic apparel.


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  • "I have shopped endlessly at golf stores and been jealous of the 'cute skinny wear' for twelve-year olds. Seriously, size zero! So many times, in frustration, I've thought, I'm going to write a letter to these so-called golf wear designers and give them a piece of my mind. Who has the money to golf and buy golf clothes? Usually, the bigger women with bigger bank accounts - and these designers are missing this market! I wish you well and please know I will visit your site often and support your company."
    - Joanne V, Calgary, AB

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