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The Inspiration for La Pera by Not So Skinny Bitch



Posted Jun 14th, 2015

by Anita Skinner - I am happy to tell you that I have found someone to take over and build on what I started just 3 short years ago.

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Posted Apr 23rd, 2015

by Anita Skinner - Due to health reasons, I am actively looking for potential buyers for my business.

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Choose Beautiful!

Choose Beautiful!

Posted Apr 20th, 2015

by Anita Skinner - Having seen the commercial, if I were presented with the choice, I think I might even choose "Beautiful"!

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EVERY woman deserves to look and feel fabulous!

How would you feel if you joined a sports team only to find out that the uniform didn't come in your size and you had to wear something different from the rest of the players? That is how it feels for full-figured women who want to dress as well as their skinnier counterparts when they golf, play tennis or participate in other physical activities. At La Pera Athletic Fashion (a division of Not So Skinny Bitch), we believe that EVERY woman, regardless of her size, deserves fashion that makes her look and feel fabulous!

“As a plus size Golf Professional, I have to say that Anita Skinner has hit the mark with the quality, cut and style of her athletic apparel. I have been wearing Not So Skinny Bitch myself since its launch in the fall of 2012 and we are proud, at Ladies', to be one of the first clubs in Canada to carry the line. I encourage every pro to purchase Not So Skinny Bitch for your ladies!" 

- Laurie Rybski, PGA of Canada, Teaching Professional, Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto


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  • "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Being a 'real' woman and loving golf, I am constantly discouraged when trying to shop for appropriate golf attire. You have renewed my faith! I was just bitching about this very issue to all my skinny friends that I golf with who can't seem to understand my pain! Keep up the good work. I think you've found an ignored market that doesn't deserve to be."
    - Pam R, Niagara Region, ON

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Jun 14th, 2015

by Anita Skinner - I am happy to tell you that I have found someone to take over and build on what I started just 3 short years ago.

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  • "Love the name you chose! I am a size 14-16 and 59 years old. I, too, find it difficult to find golf and tennis wear! Skirts are always too short (I am 5'8") and sleeves are too short and usually tight. Looking forward to trying on your clothes. I am going to approach our golf shop regarding your line. Wishing you great success!"
    - Moira G, Rattlesnake Point Golf Club, Milton, ON

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