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kidshelpphone.caLa Pera Athletic Fashion (a division of Not So Skinny Bitch) is very proud to support Kids Help Phone. When I launched Not So Skinny Bitch, I pledged that my company would represent more than quality women’s active wear.

Through our website, a community of women of all ages and sizes will have a forum for dialogue and discussion about changing cultural distortions about our perception of beauty. We need to make things better for ourselves and for the young girls that follow us.

Too many girls (and boys) suffer from poor body image and low self-esteem because of the pressures they feel to look a certain way. Sometimes, this can even affect their behaviours including developing challenges around their eating, how they take care of themselves or, in some cases, even eating disorders.

When I looked for a charity to support, I immediately thought of Kids Help Phone. How many young people who suffer from eating disorders or poor self-image have someone they can talk to about their feelings? An eating disorder can affect people of all different ages, genders, sizes, shapes and weight and Kids Help Phone is there for all of them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Young people reach out to a Kids Help Phone professional counsellor 5,000 times a week, with questions ranging from struggles in family relationships and stress at school to depression, cyberbullying, self-harm and everything in between.

By supporting Kids Help Phone, we are there for all the young people who have questions or struggle with their body image and self-esteem; we are there when they need someone to listen to them without judgment, and to find hope and help to move towards self-acceptance and self-compassion so that their body does the things it is meant to, like moving and playing.

Kids Help Phone’s work changes – even saves – lives. But it must raise 100% of the necessary funds to cover the costs of delivering day and night professional counselling service to kids, teens and young adults. Kids Help Phone is a community-based national organization that relies almost exclusively on the support of individuals, corporations and foundations.

Not So Skinny Bitch is proud to donate $5 from the sale of each La Pera ‘Squeeze Me’ Skort to support Kids Help Phone.

To make further donations, or to learn more about Kids Help Phone, please visit

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  • "I have shopped endlessly at golf stores and been jealous of the 'cute skinny wear' for twelve-year olds. Seriously, size zero! So many times, in frustration, I've thought, I'm going to write a letter to these so-called golf wear designers and give them a piece of my mind. Who has the money to golf and buy golf clothes? Usually, the bigger women with bigger bank accounts - and these designers are missing this market! I wish you well and please know I will visit your site often and support your company."
    - Joanne V, Calgary, AB

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