How Our New Golf & Performance Apparel Came To Be

It all began with the fact that I had nothing to wear!

When I took up golf in 2008, I was unable to find stylish plus-size women’s golf wear so I resorted to wearing my Jones NY ¾ length sleeve cotton T-shirts with casual pants and capris.         

I complained frequently about the ‘skinny bitches’ and how all the nice fashion seems to be made just for them. So, after much deliberation, I decided to start Not So Skinny Bitch and La Pera Athletic Fashion.

The start of something new... and something new to wear.

I launched the company, in the fall of 2012, with my Spring 2013 line of ‘Made in Canada’ golf and performance shirts for women size 12 to 22. I started with the shirts because moisture-wicking tops are typically the missing piece of athletic wear in the not so skinny woman’s wardrobe.

Lots of time and energy has gone into the design, development and production (100% Canadian) of La Pera Athletic Fashion (a division of Not So Skinny Bitch). Every little detail has been thought out with comfort, style and function in mind.

I'm paying attention to the details, because I want to look good on and off the course!

Tailoring is a key element of the design process at La Pera as we want to make sure that every piece of our clothing flatters and shapes the female form. Our princess seams and slightly flared hemline give a feminine shape to our shirts. And, our signature sleeve length – just below the elbow – is almost unheard of in women’s golf fashion. It’s a simple idea but it’s a big hit with the ladies.

Fabric is also key. We sometimes have to create samples in 2-3 different fabrics to find the one that will give us the exact look we want to create. A perfect example is the fabric we use to make the Foxy Lady and the Polo with a Twist. We made samples in 3 different fabrics. After a number of tests and comparisons, we decided on our fabric. Then, a number of ladies wore the shirts for golf and other activities. They were washed more than 2 dozen times and still looked as good as the first time they were worn. They don’t shrink, stretch, fade or pill. We are very happy with our fabric choice.

Growing a wardrobe for active regular to plus-size women has been fun, but I have to watch the pennies carefully.

I have ideas for lots of other pieces and, if I win a lottery you’ll see at least a dozen but, honestly, I have to build the business gradually – one piece at a time. I’d like to hear from you so that I can determine where the greatest demand is, so I can start there.

The process is very detailed and time consuming – and expensive! My goal is that La Pera will someday be respected as a major line of clothing for women (Size 10 to 24) who lead active lives and want golf and active wear that is stylish, doesn’t wrinkle, travels well, is easy to care for and makes them look and feel fabulous!

Keep checking back to this site to get updates on our progress. And, please feel free to send your comments ideas and suggestions – I’d love to hear from you!






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  • "As a plus-size Golf Professional, I have to say that Anita Skinner has hit the mark with the cut and style of her golf and athletic apparel. I have been wearing La Pera Athletic Fashion myself since its launch in the fall of 2012 and we are proud, at Ladies' Golf Club of Toronto, to be one of the first clubs in Canada to carry the line. I encourage every pro to purchase Not So Skinny Bitch's La Pera line for your ladies."
    - Laurie Rybski, PGA of Canada, Teaching Professional, Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto

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