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  • Do you get complaints from ladies because you don't carry golf or athletic apparel in their size?

  • Did you know that some of your ladies must resort to wearing men's golf and athletic shirts?

  • If you carry plus-size golf and athletic lines, are your ladies happy with the quality, cut and style?

"We are thrilled at Deerhurst to have found La Pera Athletic Fashion, a clothing line specifically designed for full-figured ladies. Our customers appreciate the quality, and range of sizes. Congratulations to Anita and Not So Skinny Bitch for providing much-needed, stylish golf apparel for an underserved market."

Danny Jackson, Golf & Rec Director, Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville, ON

Nearly 60% of North American women are size 14 (XL) or larger. And, some of those ladies golf, play tennis, do yoga ...!

As industry numbers indicate, more women are taking up golf and their numbers are only expected to increase as boomers continue to retire.

So, you will be seeing more and more women over size 14 participating in sports like golf. And, you'll be hearing more complaints about the lack of stylish, quality golf and athletic apparel for women over size 14.

I am one of those women. I took up golf after selling my publishing business of 20 years. Long story short, I couldn't find golf apparel that fit and looked good so, two years ago, I started my own company.

Women need to feel good about the way they look or they're less likely to 'get out there and play'. With La Pera Athletic Fashion, women feel not only cool and comfortable when they swing their clubs or rackets, they feel sexy and stylish as well.

Become a retailer

(Please note that the company name is Not So Skinny Bitch but all of the collateral associated with the clothing line, including hang tags and POS signage, say La Pera Athletic Fashion.)

We are currently in the process of accepting applications from retailers. If you would like to carry La Pera Athletic Fashion in your retail store or pro shop, please contact me.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to provide stylish, quality apparel for EVERY woman that visits your shop!

Anita Skinner


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  • "I have shopped endlessly at golf stores and been jealous of the 'cute skinny wear' for twelve-year olds. Seriously, size zero! So many times, in frustration, I've thought, I'm going to write a letter to these so-called golf wear designers and give them a piece of my mind. Who has the money to golf and buy golf clothes? Usually, the bigger women with bigger bank accounts - and these designers are missing this market! I wish you well and please know I will visit your site often and support your company."
    - Joanne V, Calgary, AB

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